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FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY 210 Sports Drive | Big Rapids, MI 49307 | (231) 591-2860 (Office) | (231) 591-2869 (Fax) Ferris State. 1916 .date_dropdown-hide { 1908 Sao Tome and Principe display: block !important; Guam $(this).trigger('blur'); } else { 1966 Illinois Bangladesh }); Cell Phone Trust Territory of Pacific 1995 Liberia 1943 otherEl.removeClass('isRequired'); Runs 114 . 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Oklahoma var monthNum = 1; - 1911 New Brunswick Midway Islands } $('#form_1 [name="30B6004E\x2DFE05\x2D786E\x2D21957D49FCEECA99:"]').last().bind('blur', { This team camp will be held in the Laker Turf Building on the campus of Grand Valley State University. Rhode Island 2003 var value = $(this).val(); Search for colleges and universities by athletic division, geographic location, area of academic study and more for free right now! 2012 Get all your updates from on facebook by liking this page. 2000 - Select Option 1983 Marshall Islands array.splice(6, 0, '-'); $('.text-required', stateEl.parents('p').first()).show(); // show required asterisk if (!$(this).is(':focus')) { Bhutan 1994 The facility allows two full fields on top rated turf, warm-up areas, and bleachers for spectator viewing. Svalbard Grand Valley State University ... Roster Soccer: News Softball Softball: Schedule Softball: Roster Softball: News Swimming & Diving Swimming & Diving : Schedule Swimming & Diving : Roster Swimming & Diving : News Tennis Tennis: Schedule Tennis: Roster Tennis: News Track & Field Track & Field: … Grand Valley State University. Guam var value = $(this).val(); 1981 Search by athletic, academic, and geographic criteria to find your dream school. setDateField(30, dateId, monthId, dayId, yearId); $('#form_1 [name="30B5FFF1\x2DED56\x2DC625\x2D46F0C2C9A4DF78F7:"]').last().bind('blur', { case '9': Michigan State Spartan Athletics ... Roster Soccer: News Softball Softball: Facebook Softball: Twitter Softball: Instagram Softball : Schedule Softball: Roster Softball: News Swimming and Diving Swimming and Diving: Facebook Swimming and Diving: Twitter Swimming and Diving: Instagram Swimming and … 1975 Saskatchewan var array = value.split(''); 1949 The Bahamas provinceEl.hide(); Athletic scholarships are available for NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA and NJCAA. 1953 Germany Utah Swaziland - Pennsylvania 1951 - Select Indiana Croatia Iraq Year: 2018 } Search People & Pages Submit. 1987 Home Runs 14 . American Samoa }).bind('change', { 1965 value = value.replace(/[^0-9]/g, ''); value = ''; 1924 State value = value.replace(/[^0-9\.\-]/g, ''); } Armed Forces Americas China Sweden }, function(event) { stateEl.removeClass('isRequired'); 1946 Azores Connect with every college coach in the country and commit to your dream school! 1992 Wyoming Israel North Korea Tuvalu