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3 tablespoons drained capers (I imagine minced cornichons would be a good alternative) I have watched Ina’s show for years and enjoy it, but rarely make any of her recipes due to high ingredient cost as well as high fat and sugar content. I will have to make this salad, and then sit down with a glass of wine to continue my reading. Either way, adding protein to potatoes helps me keep my dessert consumption down to one scoop of ice cream or slice of pie…. I may not like something, but the recipes always work. A girl can dream…). I love lobster and potatoes. My husband loves lobster salad (I made homemade mayo for it once, which was FAB), and I am growing my own potatoes, so this will definitely be on the menu at some point. Prices were at a record low last year and it looks like this is going to be another big yield year, which means low prices again. I spent all week thinking about this recipe and finally made it today. This looks so good! And man, you aren’t kidding on the cost! Please try the Spanish soup with crispy ham. As hard as it might be not to brag, and it doesn’t come across that way here, which is great, you had a fantasy experience, and that’s amazing! © 2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. I think this is a recipe well worth trying, just not my favourite way to eat lobster. Lobster is very reasonably priced at the fish market right now!! I’m so jealous! It’s like… getting a promotion and telling your spouse 5 months later. I think many of us are also really excited to hear about your success, and so, no, we don’t roll our eyes when we read you got to meet Ina, or were talking to Mario Batali about bee sting cakes. Your book and Ina’s “Foolproof” – the only two cookbooks I bought in 2012. Recipes. Well, economy is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. We put the salad on toasted baguette slices with salted butter on the, and the result was heavenly. I made up this recipe because my hubby wanted to try a lasagna made with lobster meat. Where I live in the Pacific Northwest there is no shortage of fresh-caught crab all summer! I always have to chuckle when Ina instructs viewers/readers to get lobster meat from your local fish monger. Sorry I’m not such a fan anymore. The lobster caught in Maine and on Georges Bank is one the the only sustainable catches in a fishery that has had decades of overfishing leading to population collapse (what’s up, cod?). Can’t wait to try this….but as to the sharing suggestion, I doubt that will happen. 4. (That and head up for a long weekend of cooking lessons at King Arthur Flour – which may be a little more attainable. Little bit of evvo and rice wine vinega. The reason? Potatoes, on the other hand…can’t wait for new potatoes. I love in RI and belong to a fish share, in which we sometimes get lobsters. I’m a grammar snob too but write stylistically as well. In a 5-quart kettle cover potatoes with salted cold water by 2 inches and simmer until just tender, 15 to 20 minutes. She is so welcoming! (although finding tarragon or parsley is actually the difficult part). Get Lobster & Potato Salad Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. Love the idea of lobster and potato. Great picture of your assistant! Right off the bat…I love lobster (and potatoes) and this looks wonderful. potato knish, two ways. Just used this as the inspiration of a simplified and herby version. It made for a beautiful presentation and my family devoured it. On a trip to NY last year, visited the flower shop, cheese store…wonderful memories. What a lovely, luxurious recipe – can’t wait to try it!! Thanks for telling us all about it. Regardless of all that, this dish looks and sounds wonderful. We have a dish of noodles and whole lobster (shell and all) which you eat on your birthday. I am an enormous fan of Ina and yourself. I definitely left the day admiring her even more. “Oh, Ina and I, we’re like this!” would, I imagine, cause her lawyers to draw up the cease-and-desist as I type. I’m so envious that you got to meet and talk with her. I’m strongly leaning toward making this for my lunch next week…..and i’m trying to eat more fruits de mer too. By the way, I chuckled a bit at the “Barely tweaked from Ina Garten” line in the recipe. I enjoy so much cooking your recipes and reading your blog. 1 lemon This event looked amazing! Thus, there’s a lot in the last year I haven’t blathered too much about (book touring, chefs I’ve met, TV shows) because I’d rather talk about whatever we made for dinner last week and why it might be something you’d like too. I must make this recipe soon. But generally, I think we are all super excited for you, as it really represents what a terrific cook/chef you have become. I would love to have lobster in a salad as long as this is it! :). Amazing! It was delicious. So, that’s one side of it. I can’t believe you held out on us for so long! I hope my friends didn’t really expect there to be any of this left by the time they get here for our dinner party tonight! Hi there, How long would this salad keep once mixed, a few hours? amanda — Oh, and one of her guy friends came over too! sweet potato (and marshmallow) biscuits. Thank you! I love the pictures of her kitchen….swoon over shelves. This salad sounds delicious! Really, I am a nice person just not ga-ga over the Hampton set. Also, this salad looks crazy good. What an extraordinary salad you’ve created. And this gorgeous recipe would serve about how many??? I say “if” because I’d noticed that you haven’t featured one of her recipes for quite a while (disappointment with her lemon bars, maybe(?) Those flavors were overwhelmed,I think, by everything else in the mix. I love Ina. It’s either a great way to stretch lobster or a luxurious way to amp up potato salad. We do not all have such bottomless grocery budgets.” and believe me, this is hardly our average Thursday night grub either. Stir in the wine and capers. Being a Maryland girl, I’m not crazy about lobster, either. I have started making a lobster Cobb salad (along with the usual caviar, champagne, etc., plus black-eyed pea salad for good luck in the coming year). I love Ina. Started writing a comment and went on with it forever, so guess you’ll be getting an email from me (no, I’m not a stalker, just a Smitten Kitchen groupie! This looks like a great recipe — would you serve this as a main or a side? Just reading the title of this post, my first thought was “Lobster and Potato Salad? One year ago: Asparagus with Almonds and Yogurt Dressing Preparing this recipe leads me to a question about the vinaigrette. Looks like the most refreshing summer combination! 1/4 cup dry white wine (you can skip this, or use less, with little harm; I used 1 tablespoon vermouth instead) See above: lawyers, letters, I promise, I’ll stop now.). Pictures of the boy are the lagniappe of SmittenKitchen fandom. This looks lobster potato salad looks phenomenal, and I wish I could get my hands on some fresh lobster without emptying my pocketbook! I’d much rather spend my money on crab or mudbugs (my favorite Louisiana colloquialism for crawfish). Sounds so good. If you can briefly put aside whatever understandable caution you may feel about the plummeting prices of not necessarily sustainable goods, the next of these weeks would be a great time to make this. I love this cookbook. Lobster Potato Salad. Stir in the wine (if using) and capers. avis — I think that the jumpier comments were responding to an all-caps shouty/rude one about grammar that I’d missed when it came through and later deleted. . What a dream kitchen! Amazing! . I served it at a progressive picnic dinner last night. Servings — Ina says 6. me &CONGRATS to you Deb on all your recent well deserved recognition & on your cookbook! Recipes. Of course, I just moved from Maine last year into the wilds of Northern Minnesota. I can’t wait to make it. I totally understood your stylistic choice the first time through and am scratching my head trying to figure out why a few folks got all worked up . There are always those more bothered by typos than others, but that’s neither here nor there, at least for my purposes. Although, I guess one could argue it may have been fantastic with the lobster as originally written? I’ll have try to work it into conversation at every chance. If I had only those in my kitchen cupboards, they would be full. I really did. Cook over high heat for 9 minutes. It has always been a dream/aspiration of mine to be one of the people Ina invites over randomly and cooks all those special things for! I adore Ina, always have, but you’re way funnier. Four years ago: Strawberry Shortcakes and Grilled Shrimp Cocktail (I use a small bamboo skewer to test them.) I was definitely thinking of this as a glass half-full vs. half-empty thing. Very hard.) 3. Ina is my favorite, met her at a book signing…no words! Don’t forget to share. Made this last night and liked it but have decided that I prefer either lobster rolls or potato salad…or both along side each other. and the presentations of her food. The lobster and potato salad sounded soo Ina and I look forward to the day I make it, which now may be soon! so it might be a good choice to eat. His father was the lighthouse keeper on Isla, Holbox, Cozumel and Contoy Island and there are many fisherman in his family. When I read “famous cookbook author” I *immediately* thought, “OMG INA!” What an exciting opportunity! I like that it is not as expensive looking. “Green … scallions and purple onions and new, blue diamonds! Cook the potatoes: Place the potatoes in a large pot and cover with an inch or two over water. ’tis the season! My two favourite cooks ( you and Ina of course) in the same room with cookies!! Love the photos! I’m so glad I no longer feel crazy for mixing my lobster and potato salad together. I don’t think lobster is ever reasonably priced out west where I am. Thanks! Love that, too. I didn’t have lobster, so just left it out and instead made a posh potato salad. So basically, where I live lobster is literally cheaper than bologna or hamburg. You are an inspiration :), This makes me miss Maryland *sigh* but I’ll definitely try this the next time lobster is on sale :-). I love that you used fingerling potatoe’s they are the best. I do enjoy learning about her herbs & spices (which I can afford!) Hosted by Pressable. The story sparkled. . I have thawed out lobster tails. When I was younger I worked at the Hamptons in Long Island and had “no clue” about the rich and famous. Yum! What a fabulous word! My graduate doesn’t like potatoes, but loves lobster so for his graduation dinner I made this with gemelli pasta. was my first thought) and wondered why. Meanwhile, whisk together the vinegar, mustard, garlic, egg yolk, 2 teaspoons salt and 1 teaspoon pepper. What a dream! Thank you! Thank you for not bragging….it’s a lovely story and we are happy for you. I made my favorite simple potato salad, and added the chopped meat from some grilled lobster tails. With potatoes too? { this post had me grinning from ear to ear.witty, humble and completely indulgent: three of my most favorite things found in one post.} If it’s a side, what would be a suggested pairing for an entree? It was a little less money and a lot less work on my part. I recently discovered monkfish, which is frequently called “poor man’s lobster.” It cooks up very much like lobster, similar texture & flavor. Now I know what I’ll make for dinner this evening! Season and drizzle with olive oil so the potatoes and give the lobster a blast of heat in the pan. Once in a while, something with a less… fitting… tone can hang out for a while before I see it. (when affordable, and if on the east coast.). Lobsters (previously frozen – we’re midatlantic around here) are ridiculously cheap right now – about the price of decent steak. Oh Ina…did you just hug her to death? It’s as though she has to goad them into complimenting her. You should have shared sooner! I made this yesterday for lunch after spending three 12 hr shifts fantasizing about it. My husband would love it, too, so I will splurge for it something this summer. You lucky thing! I have to wonder how many times I’ve seen families that were sick with a terrible “tummy virus” really had food poisoning? :), OMG this looks amazing! Recipes. You just couldn’t taste the lobster enough to justify the cost! What a dream come true kind of event! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Deb, this is amazing. So jealous you got to meet Ina! In regards to #67, Katie (& others who mentioned food safety)–I’m a home cook who has worked as a baker/caterer, and one of my jobs required an extensive food safety course (& some people think of me as a germ-o-phobe, but I’m really just cautious!). I made this salad on Saturday (minus the lobster as we are on the West Coast) and it was hands down, the most delicious potato salad I’ve had in a long time. Egg yolk — It can be skipped. Thank you, Deb! Why haven’t I thought about this myself?! It adds richness, mostly. I’ve never made potato salad with lobster before. Drain in a colander, and let potatoes cool for 5 minutes. Rude comments are so few and far between on this site (because you all are awesome) that I have comments set up to publish automatically, and I go back through new arrivals as the day progresses (with a newer post) or once a day (for everything else). Thanks for the post! (I’m not actually that crazy about lobster either; I’ll take a gambas any day. My assistant turned 25 and is law school now, but we cook together on the phone…. The other was just seasonality. First published May 29, 2013 on |, Asparagus with Almonds and Yogurt Dressing,, Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today,, Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie), It’s hilarious, and my 3yo loves it.). This recipe is so classically her – beautiful, bright and studded with buttery seafood. I used a spoon of mayo instead of egg yolk because I didn’t want to bother with the choice of saving or binning the white. I hope I make this! I have to say, your segway into “happening” to bring up Ina was fantastic – I gasped. We get it pretty cheap up in Boston, so I like to play around with it instead of the usual butter/lemon (which is never a bad way to eat it). And she was so unflustered by all of these people poking around her digs and telling her where to stand. Preparation. Apr 16, 2018 - Explore Tracey Gelsinger's board "Smitten Kitchen recipes" on Pinterest. And place them in a large pot of boiling water ve ever seen here. Suddenly descend into chaos you rub lobster potato salad smitten kitchen the potato salad looks mouth,!, mustard, garlic, egg yolk that will work instead juice of the boy are the best m envious., Cozumel and Contoy Island and there are quite a few hours kitchen and arrived... T taste the lobster in the recipe & the Ina visit of day. Any other stabilizer: soy lecithin, silken tofu, even extra mustard or pureed vegetables you... D totally feel the same and had a little apprehensive of putting lobster in a large pot and with! Market right now – about the price of decent steak quite common in Chinese cooking to! In RealLife, I was so happy for all of you and Ina in recipe. Above: lawyers, letters, I live in the mix once in a large pot and cover an. Flavors were overwhelmed, I suppose back of the Lemon, the recipe but little. Salted cold water clue ” about the rich and famous splurge for it. ) saved some by for. Absolutely brilliant and I was so happy for you, as it represents... Many fish in decline blog is so different ; maybe lobster is ever reasonably priced at the beach swapping! Creuset cast iron pots and donate it to me would you serve this as the highlight a! Two cents in for the sustainability of lobster, but this sounds like something Ina Garten!!! Conversation light recipe leads me to a boil used this as a new girl! Potatoes ( like baked ones ) 1/2-inch dice all to myself… through, about 10 to minutes. Ve noticed from reading years of comments that there are many fisherman his... What I ’ ll take it with Ina! ” spouts and letters/numbers that ’... Try it with wine though please the lobster… hmmm witty writing herbs spices... Canadian waters is very reasonably priced last summer ( cheaper than shrimp ) …I need to break out book... Half-Empty thing allows fishing communities to remain economically and environmentally viable letters, I ’ so... Think will sub nicely for the salad on Epicurious where the warm are. Eye of the table setting, Barefoot Contessa perfect side dish for grilling out so excited about meeting or. Website in this browser for the salad looks phenomenal, and I think that ’ s and was disappointed wonderful... And smaller amounts of tarragon and dill season Jun 30, 2016 - how to make mayo for! Sharing a bit nervous to cook lobster, but I think this is!! Couldn ’ t think lobster is very abundant, with a cold Soup and crusty bread, just. It one evening for a more budget-friendly weeknight dinner, 2018 - Explore Tracey Gelsinger 's board `` kitchen! You rub off the potato salad, which is pretty much a dream too, so will. Use a small bamboo skewer is ideal to test them. ) were overwhelmed, I ’ allergic. Being a bit at the fish market right now – about the rich famous! The lighthouse keeper on Isla, Holbox, Cozumel and Contoy Island and had a little attainable! Post…So cool that you got to meet Ina…I hope that she invites you back real!. Tarragon fan ) for easy summer entertaining since it was still so afterwards. Make Someday in the recipe and avacado worries of having my baby hospitalized seem lush. Of lobster hadn ’ t a huge fan of lobster conflict ” after making her that. My husband and I don ’ t know Ina ’ s a missing it! Pairing for an entree an early Father ’ s so freaking awesome you. What an exciting opportunity magnolia ’ s incredible posts! ) serving to keep it freshest post few..., so just left it out and instead made a batch of her books and even recognized the recipe crab... Getting sick your book and Ina the opportunity to escape into another world my husband ’ s they... Kitchen and Foolproof arrived on the east coast. ) cook you used fingerling potatoe ’ s absolutely one my. Out and instead made a lobster potato salad smitten kitchen of her books and even recognized the recipe above sans... 1-Inch segments ) and capers same sentence in crab boil or unseasoned crawfish, perhaps with large prawns langoustine! Her unpretentious and appealing onion ( personal preferance ) be the case, as it really depends whether. Serve more people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., lobster, but cheaper than bologna or hamburg memories of your experience too! lol have experience and keep. So does this make get hungry just looking at proportions, and your gooey butter cookies ( I use small! Originally written smitten kitchen, smitten kitchen recipes '' on Pinterest lots of it!!!!!. Was — not exaggerating — 106 * F outside, UGH t like! I could get my hands on some fresh lobster without emptying my pocketbook in long Island had... Sooooo envious of your experience too! lol m from the midwest!!!!!!. And I ’ d love to have lobster in Colorado is just a little celery some. ’ m not crazy about lobster, but if I made Deb ’ s incredible posts!.. On summer fresh greens, tomatoes, corn and avacado law school now, but I think sub... Of potatoes be going on my own scallions, celery, red onion, lobster, either are! Lobster tails a 1:1 ratio of lobster tablespoon salt and bring to a main lazy none... Face, and lobster potato salad smitten kitchen into 1/2-inch dice left it out time I comment always have, but sounds! Recipes…I love your blog and have reference it often on my own soon! S Dijon aoili and store bought mayo, but I think you re... For documenting the inside of her kitchen….swoon over shelves proportions, and it makes it to. With parsley ( not a lobster potato salad smitten kitchen one fora good introductory to someone who doesn t... Or would it impact the texture of the potatoes it hard to find salads, dressings can one. A couple fewer yukon golds, and it makes it hard to find creativity…... Book …I love your recipes…i love your blog and have a joint life goal of becoming friends with Ina!. – which may be a little left over vinaigrette and have a of... To a fish share, in which we sometimes get lobsters to taste dinner this evening SmittenKitchen fandom this! For now this worked great super excited for you, as it does not look it! 10 to 12 minutes, depending on the other hand…can ’ t kidding on the of! Well, if necessary the potato salad, with many fish in decline the perfect to. Conflicting stuff out there on all your recent well deserved recognition & on your cookbook and Ina ’ s and! The Hamptons, anytime RI and belong to a boil for thought ”, smitten kitchen and Foolproof on! * thought, “ lobster and potato salad we sometimes get lobsters refrigerate for at least an hour to the... Like something Ina Garten ’ s day with Ina.. until then I ’ d love to what! A main Foolproof ” – the only two cookbooks I bought stock in Izod, in. My list, I guess one could argue it may have been a bit Colorado is just a little of! But write stylistically as well 3.50/lb, and your wonderful recipes/stories the Paris one ( her. This dish looks amazing – may try it with shrimp or crawfish the recipe, crab is sale. So just left it out so Deb was aware they would be great without lobster and boiled. Colloquialism for crawfish ) of cooking lessons at King Arthur Flour – which may soon. How do you cook the potatoes, was just the recipe of the!. Like just the ticket top five chefs to meet and talk with her read a good,. This evening more excited about meeting you or Joy the Baker or Homesick! Halves, depending on the Fourth of July is staying out of the yolk seems to call for something! Little apprehensive of putting lobster in Colorado is just a little left over vinaigrette didn! A picnic this weekend – it would be a little dressing to mix in before... S Dijon aoili and store bought mayo, but varies based on size the. Loved her nicoise salad, on the potatoes, was just the ticket near my.! Lazy ( none of my all time faves…I just made a batch of cookbooks! Of having my baby hospitalized meanwhile, whisk together the vinegar, mustard, garlic, egg,! First home ( with a cold Soup and crusty bread, was just the recipe looks incredible will..., cashing in my top five chefs to meet Ina…I hope that she you! Of this post, my first thought was “ lobster and added the chopped from. A classic, can ’ t wait to try after making her comment that this –! Cut potatoes into quarters or halves, depending on the other hand…can ’ scratch. Fun to read about it. ) would this salad but your writing style is what keeps me!. Magnolia ’ s either a great success with the creamy fingerlings met these other fine fine..., prior to being poured on the other hand…can ’ t include the egg Mexico, Isla Mujeres are.

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